Freshwater Plants Species Profiles

 Foreground Plants

Carpeting plants, slower growing plants and plants that do not grow too tall are all considered good foreground aquarium plants. In general foreground aquarium plants will allow for the eye to see over or through them deeper into the aquarium and not be too obstructed from foreground plant placement.

Midground Plants

Midground aquarium plants are suitable for placing around rocks and wood because they typically grow to a height that isn't too dominating. mMdground aquatic plants are typically not fast growers and generally do not grow too bushy, thus allowing the eye to see past them.

Background Plants

Background aquarium plants can really define the entire aquarium as they provide the backdrop to the rest of the aquarium. They are generally plants that grow tall and are easily seen over the midground and foreground plants. Stem plants and Sword plants are often used as background plants due to their fast grow and large size.

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