Misc. Freshwater Monster Fish Species Profiles


Datnioides pulcher, commonly known as Datnoids or Siamese Tigerfish is a popular variety "monster" fish among aquarium hobbyists. They originate from Southeast Asian tropical waterways, which include the rivers of Indonesia, Thailand and neighboring countries. While they can be easily kept in larger aquariums, a full-grown Datnoid can grow up to 18 inches in an aquarium, and live on average for 15-25 years.


Piranha are important scavengers in their native Amazonian River ecosystems, and a large part of their diet comes from fins nipped from the tails of larger fish. They can grow to be a little over a foot long (30.5 centimeters) and weigh up to 4 pounds (1.81 kilograms). They tend to travel in schools of 20 or more individuals.

Large Pufferfish

Large freshwater and brackish Pufferfish species can be found in African, Southeast Asian, South American and North American waters. Giant Pufferfish grow to very large sizes upwards of 26 inches (67 cm) in length and consume large amounts of meaty foods. Thus, they require very large aquariums with excellent mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. Species kept in captivity require a varied diet consisting of crunchy foods to help ensure good health and to prevent tooth overgrowth. While large Pufferfish are generally considered best for advanced hobbyists, they are very personable and long lived when kept in proper aquarium conditions and fed a healthy and varied diet.

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