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Tonina fluviatilis
(Tonina fluviatilis)
Quick Care FactsCare Level: Difficult
Lighting: High
Maximum Size: 14"
Placement: Midground
Water Conditions: 72-84° F, pH 4.5-7.0, KH 0-7, gH 1-5
Propagation: Cuttings
Color Forms: Lime-Green, Green
Supplements: Iron, Trace Elements, CO2 Supplementation
Origin: South America
Family: Eriocaulonaceae
Species:Species Information
Tonina fluviatilis is an exceptionally attractive species that is native to South America, that grows in dense mats within shallow, slow-moving, blackwater rivers and streams.
The Tonina fluviatilis is considered a demanding plant and requires the knowledge of an experienced hobbyist. Tonina fluviatilis is an excellent choice for a mid-ground to background plant due to its beautiful, lime-green foliage.
Aquarium Care
Tonina fluviatilis thrives in soft water and requires an acidic, nutrient-rich substrate. This species demands high intensity lighting of at least 3.5 watts per gallon from full spectrum (5000-7000°K) bulbs. CO2 injection is a necessity and must be done on a regular basis.
Tonina fluviatilis is actually not too demanding when it comes to liquid fertilization, although it will need normal doses of iron and trace elements.
Propagation Information
For propagation of Tonina fluviatilis, cut off the side-shoots with a pair of sharp, sterilized scissors and gently replant the top two inches of each stem into the substrate and they eventually will grow back as clean, healthy plants.
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