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Olive Nerite Snail
(Nerita sp.)
Quick Care FactsCare Level: Easy
Maximum Size: 1"
Minimum Tank Size: 10
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Omnivore
Water Conditions: 65-85° F, KH 5-12, pH 6.5-8.0
Color Forms: Green, Black
Origin: Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico
Category: Snails
Family: Mytiloidae
Species: Snails
Species Information
The Olive Nerite Snail is an efficient scavenger that makes an ideal addition for freshwater community aquariums. They have an attractive shell of marble-sized olive to brownish-green coloration, which is often colonized by tiny barnacles, adding to its interesting appearance.
They are a popular choice for keeping uneaten food and algae in check, while at the same time it will not unexpectedly overpopulate your aquarium since the Olive Nerite Snail cannot be bred in freshwater. In order to reproduce, the Olive Nerite Snail requires brackish water as it has a marine larval stage, with adult snails living for about 1 year under proper conditions.
The Olive Nerite Snail originates from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean and can be found in the lower regions of rivers where they meet coastal marine waters. Like most freshwater invertebrates available within the aquarium hobby, Olive Nerite Snails should not be kept with aggressive fish species like N.W. Cichlids or African Cichlids as they will quickly become a meal for them.
Aquarium Care
Olive Nerite snails are highly regarded in the aquarium environment due to the fact that they feed only on the various brown and green algae that are commonly found in established freshwater aquarium substrate, rocks, plants and glass.
At the same time Nerite Snails will not touch living plants or desirable mosses. If algae populations decline, its appetite can be easily satisfied with algae wafers, Spirulina discs or fresh vegetable pieces. They are as resilient to a wide variety of environmental conditions as they are used to frequent habitat changes, doing well at temperatures ranging from the 50’s to the upper 80’s (F) and in waters of 6.3-8.4 in pH.
Feeding & Nutrition
The Olive Nerite Snail is a substrate and plant scavenger that will consume debris, uneaten food, and algae in the pond or aquarium. If insufficient food is present, supplement with a quality vegetable based wafer or pellet food.
They will also readily accept fresh vegetables (squash or lettuce), but if fresh vegetables are used it is important to remove the uneaten vegetable after a few days so that it does not rot.
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