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McCullochs Clownfish

(Amphiprion mccullochi)

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 Quick Care Facts

• Care Level: Moderate   • Temperament: Semi-Aggressive   • Maximum Size: 5"
• Minimum Tank Size: 40 gallons   • Water Conditions: 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, sg 1.020-1.025, pH 8.1-8.4
• Diet: Omnivore   • Origin: Lord Howe Island, Australia
• Family: Pomacentridae   • Species: Clownfish   • Aquarium Type: Reef Compatible

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Native Habitat and Species Information

McCullochs Clownfish native habitat, distribution, behavior & aquarium compatibility.

McCulloch's Clownfish (Amphiprion mccullochi) is a new comer to the marine aquarium hobby, as it has only been since 2006 that specimens were collected from the wild and a breeding program started. McCulloch's Clownfish have been successfully bred in captivity and are thus becoming more common within the aquarium trade, but still command a price much higher than more common Clownfish species. However, given time this attractive and interesting species of Clownfish should become more affordable and accessible to the average marine aquarium hobbyist.

Beyond the fact that this species is very difficult to acquire and thus very expensive, the McCulloch's Clownfish has unique physical features that include bluish-gray nose and mouth area with a jet black body with bright white markings and caudal fin. This species is only found in one known location, a small pacific ocean island off the coast of Australia called Lord Howe Island. This island is a certified World Heritage site, thus collecting of this species is very limited and the specimens available within the hobby have come from captive breeding programs.

Aquarium Care

How to successfully keep McCullochs Clownfish in the home aquarium.

McCulloch's Clownfish adapt very well to aquarium life, as in the wild they are generally found in shallow lagoons and rocky reef outcrops of between 10 and 100 feet in depth. If provided with high quality stable water conditions and a sub-tropical water temperature of around 78 degrees, the McCulloch's Clownfish should both adapt quickly and thrive within the aquarium environment. Like all Clownfish species they will benefit from plenty of live rock with many caves and crevices to explore and to use for protection when threatened.

While not absolutely necessary, the McCulloch's Clownfish will benefit from the presence of a suitable host anemone. They will generally take to a variety of Bulb Tip Anemones (Entacmaea quadricolor) or Sebae Anemones (Heteractis crispa). Once they have selected a host anemone they become extremely territorial over it and will defend their territory ruthlessly. This species should be kept singularly, in a mated pair or in a very large aquarium with many other Clownfish specimens, so that they do not single out an individual to harass. They do well with other fish species and do not harm corals or other invertebrates commonly found in marine reef aquariums.

Feeding & Nutrition

How to feed and provide proper nutrition for McCullochs Clownfish.

It is important to offer a varied diet of meaty fare in the form of vitamin and amino acid-enriched frozen mysis, frozen brine shrimp, flake food, and high quality pellet foods. A varied diet helps guarantee that all needed nutrients are provided and that the McCulloch's Clownfish is able to maintain a healthy immune system. Like most reef fish species, the McCulloch's Clown will appreciate feedings with a variety of offerings 2 to 3 times per day.

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