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Staghorn Acropora Coral
(Acropora sp.)
Quick Care FactsCare Level: Difficult
Temperament: Semi-aggressive
Waterflow: Strong
Placement: All
Lighting: High
Color Form: Large variety of colors
Supplements: Calcium, Strontium, Trace elements
Water Conditions: 72-78º F; sg 1.023-1.025; pH 8.1-8.4
Origin: South Pacific
Family: Acroporidae
Species: SPS Hard Corals
Species Information
The Staghorn Acropora Coral is one of the more popular forms of Acropora SPS hard coral. Its coloration varies between different shades of purple and is typically bushy in appearance with short compact branches. While other growth forms such as, bottle brush are possible, the bushy short branch form is most often seen within the reef aquarium hobby.
While there are many different species of Acropora Corals, the Purple Staghorn Acropora Coral is one of the most unique and colorful. Due to its vibrant purple coloration, the Purple Staghorn Acropora Coral is highly sought after species of Acropora within the reef aquarium hobby. This species of coral is suitable only for advanced reef aquarists with well established reef aquariums.
Aquarium Care
Staghorn Acropora Corals have some strict requirements when it comes to lighting and waterflow. The ideal conditions require an established reef aquarium with bright intense lighting provided by preferably metal halides or high end power compact fluorescent lighting systems. However, if you are using a compact fluorescent lighting system, you need to place the Purple Acropora Coral high in the aquarium. Strong intermittent water flow is also required for this species to thrive in the reef aquarium, which is usually best achieved through the use of wave makers or multiple rotating powerheads.
Under the right conditions, this species can grow much more rapidly than most of the other corals found in an established reef aquarium. Growth consideration should be taken into account when placing this species, so that it does not come into contact with neighboring corals. Purple Acropora Corals require a high pH, alkalinity and calcium levels, and very low phosphate and nitrate levels to thrive. If conditions are ideal, it can also be cultured and grown into a new colony from living fragments or broken pieces.
Feeding & Nutrition
Acropora corals receive the majority of their nutritional requirements from photosynthesis, which makes proper lighting extremely important. They will also benefit from the additional feedings of various types of phyto and zooplankton or other foods designed for filter feeding corals.
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