Asian Freshwater Clam
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(Corbicula sp.) Easy 2" 10 Peaceful Omnivore 65-85° F, pH 6.5-8.0, KH 8-10 Brown, Tan, Black Burma, Thailand, Southern Asia Clams Corbiculidae Clams The Asian Freshwater Clam is found in temperate streams, rivers and lakes throughout Southeast Asia. As with other clams, this species is essentially a living filter that filters the water stream within the aquarium sifting small organic particles from the water column and releasing clean water back into the aquarium. Freshwater Clams help keep uneaten food, detritus and decaying plant matter out of the water column, which help maintain water quality and lower nitrate levels. If necessary the Asian Freshwater Clams diet can be supplemented with invertebrate foods or direct feedings via a pipette. It is important to remember that Freshwater Clams will not tolerate any copper-based medications and can be adversely affected by even small levels of copper present in the water. Ideally this species should be housed in an aquarium of at least 10 gallons with medium to very fine substrate, with sand or clay based substrates being ideal. The Freshwater Clam should not be housed with invertebrate-eating fish, such as freshwater puffers.
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