Shari Jacobs

Lives in United States
Kelberi Peacock Bass
New World Cichlid Species » Peacock Bass
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Do you have any more pics of this tank? I would love to see them, Arrows and Gar are some of my favorites.
AD Admin
I would like to see more pics too! :-)
Shari Jacobs
I'm trying to post from my phone and it says the pic is either to big or small. Do you have any suggestions?
Shari Jacobs
Hi guys sorry. I got super busy. I've been trying to post pics but it's not working. Here is my Instagram I have more there @cichlidaquatic
AD Admin
Hi Shari, I believe the problem that you are running into is that the photo file size is too large. The Max file size for photos upload is 1000 kb = 1 mb. Often photo editors have a save for web or similar feature to reduce the file size for use on websites. Please let me know if this solves the pro...View More
Shari Jacobs
posted a comment on their photo
Thank you Jay have more growing out :)
Shari Jacobs
updated their profile photo.
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