New Jersey Aquatic Gardeners Club
1 member New Jersey The New Jersey Aquatic Gardener’s Club is a group of New Jersey aquarists whose interest in the aquarium hobby has been refined to include the growth of aquatic plants. The focus of the group is on the growth, propagation and use of aquatic plants to create a natural and beautiful landscape in the aquarium. NJAGC will promote the aquatic plant hobby by providing a group of like minded hobbyists whose practical experiences in the hobby will serve as a means of assistance and support for people who are new to the hobby and the growth of aquatic plants. NJAGC will also act as a place to exchange ideas and techniques for the more experienced hobbyists, as well as providing a means for the exchange of aquarium plants, both common and rare, between members of all levels within the club. We encourage anyone who has an interest in the hobby to please get involved! Don’t be shy! We were all new at one time or another, and this is a particularly welcoming group.
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