Triad NC Tropical Fish Society
1 member North Carolina We are a tropical fish group based out of North Carolina with interests in both freshwater and saltwater enthusiasts! Our "community" is the Piedmont Triad area of the state, our goal is to help build the hobby within the area, to encourage new members in the hobby, help others with questions regarding the hobby as well to educate new members on successful ways to have a home aquarium. As well a place for long time hobbyist to communicate together, share tips in the trade, buy, sell, and trade equipment and livestock that they may personally breed or grow.
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Raleigh Aquarium Society
1 member North Carolina
"" The purpose of the Raleigh Aquarium Society is to increase the enjoyment and general knowledge of the aquarist, both novice and advanced. This shall be accomplished by the exchange of information, speeches, field trips, and observation of fish in their natural habitat. By these actions, we hope to gain a better understanding of the habits of certain fish, and to benefit members of the club as well as any interested hobbyist who may wish to affiliate with us. Membership in the Raleigh Aquarium Society entitles you to many privileges including: - Discounts at all club functions. - Voting rights on all club business issues. - Auction benefits (larger commission split, free priority stickers). - Membership card for discount purchases at all participating club sponsors. - Ability to post items for sale in the club newsletter and various on-line internet forums. - Ability to participate in group orders of fish and supplies from various mail-order companies. - Annual RAS membership dues for individuals or families are $20.00 for the full calendar year. If you join between: January and June - dues are $20 for the current calendar year July and September - dues are $15 for the current calendar year October and December - dues are $10 for the current calendar year
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