Aalborg Aquarium Association
Aalborg Aquarium Association Website: "aalborg-akvarieforening.dk" We welcome you to the Aalborg Aquarium Association website. Aalborg Aquarium Association is one of the oldest aquarium associations in the country. In addition to this website, Aalborg Aquarium Association is at Forchhammersvej 11. If you want to visit us in our premises, we have the club night every Tuesday at. 19 -?Should the association stay closed on a Tuesday, it will appear from the calendar on this page. Our members range widely within the aquarium, as are the levels different. Some are beginners and other full-fledged specialists, young as elderly. It will also happen occasionally for a discussion or two. It is important to point out that no question is too stupid and only a few are too loud. Tuesdays are used by members to talk, repair aquariums, build new decorations, cut a little glass, tell about experiences, arrange aquariums, yes, almost all items can be turned around, such an evening. For members with key to the meeting rooms there is also the opportunity to meet on other weekdays. In addition, we have different lectures and other events during the year. There are tours in Denmark that relate to our hobby, as well as trips to other countries, usually in small groups. Our lectures are held separately from Tuesday meetings, usually on Thursdays but sometimes also as Saturday events. The events will be found in the calendar on this page. What do you get as a member of Aalborg Aquarium Association - opportunity to meet others with the same interest - Possibility to fit an aquarium in the association's premises - Access to a comprehensive and highly exciting library - Access to unbiased advice from other members (We do not sell fish, but make sure you stay in the hobby :) a whole lot more. If you want to know more, feel free to call one of the members of the board, or even better meet us in our conference room at Forchhammersvej 11, 9000 Aalborg. Sincerely, Os in Aalborg Aquarium Association.
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