The Rocky Mountain Cichlid Association
1 member Colorado
The Rocky Mountain Cichlid Association Website: "" About RMCA Mission: A non-profit organization devoted to the furtherance of knowledge regarding cichlids and encouraging the keeping of cichlids as aquarium subjects Based in Denver, Colorado, the RMCA serves as the only dedicated Cichlid Club in the state of Colorado. For over 30 years, the club has been a resource and meeting place for hobbyists interested in these unique fishes. In 1973, several members of the Colorado Aquarium Society came together to form a new club, one dedicated to focusing on cichlids. Bob Bartels was the first President of the Rocky Mountain Cichlid Association, with Mike Wilson as Vice President, and Bob Blackburn taking care of secretarial duties. Several other members, including Mike Haverland, handled the various roles necessary to make the club work. Meetings were held at the Washington Heights Community Center, in a basement space that soon became too small for the growing membership. It was not long before the first show was held, at the North Valley Shopping Center at 84th Ave. and Washington St. in Thornton. The club’s popularity grew, and they held their first auction in 1975, in a room in the W.H. Community Center. From those beginnings, the club continued to meet, have auctions, and grow. There have been low points, when only a handful of active members held the club together, to a prestigious high point in 2004, when the RMCA played host for the American Cichlid Association Annual Convention. Today, the club is going strong and forging forward to grow its membership, and get more hobbyists involved in cichlid keeping.
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Michigan Cichlid Association
1 member Michigan
Website: "" The Michigan Cichlid Association was established in 1980. Our club was established to educate people in the care, conservation and breeding of cichlids. Our club accomplishes this by hosting guest speakers, sponsoring field trips, and other programs to fulfill our mission. We hold meetings 10 months a year, typically on the first Friday of the month. See Meetings page for more info. Check us out on Facebook! ""
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Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists
1 member Wisconsin We are a club for everyone interested in all aspects of the aquatic hobby: freshwater fish, marine fish, plants, invertebrates, ponds and anything else that captures our interests. We are based in Madison, Wisconsin, but have members from all over south-central Wisconsin. Our purpose is to promote the aquatic hobbies through education and fellowship through events and aquatics-related activities. Please come join us for an event and see what we are all about! Held on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 1pm at Hody Bar & Grill 1914 Aurora St., Middleton, Wisconsin 53562 Doors open at 12:30pm. Please come early if you need help entering auction items into the online system. Dues are: $25 for individuals and $40 for a family membership. Guest are able to attend General Meetings as well by paying door fees. single person = $5 per event family* = $8 per event * a ‘family’ is defined as a person, a spouse and their under the age of 18 dependents Plan on making a full afternoon of it and join us upstairs at the Hody for food and drinks with the speaker after the event.
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Guppy Associates International Chicago
1 member Illinois
Website: "" Guppy Associates International Chicago (GAIC), a charter member of the IFGA, carries a rich tradition in the hobby going all the way back to the formation of the IFGA. The club was established expressly to promote the guppy through selective breeding techniques and encourages its members to exhibit at IFGA-sanctioned shows. While the Chicago suburban area is the “club hub,” current members live in Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin and bring various experience levels to the club from complete novice to master breeder. If you wish further information about GAIC, you can direct your e-mail request to "".
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Central New York Aquarium Society
1 member New York CNYAS is a non-profit educational organization with a goal of furthering the study of all forms of aquatic life. In order to achieve this, we promote the interest in, and encourage the breeding of, aquatic life. Through the exchange of ideas and distribution of information concerning the hobby, we will advance our members’ knowledge of the hobby, providing valuable information to those who seek it. Monthly meetings are held in the DeWitt Community Room during the months of September through June, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Each monthly meeting consists of: - Short business meeting - Program (slide show, movie, guest speaker, etc.) - Break (refreshments/social gathering) - Question and discussion session - Bi-monthly Bowl Show - Raffle (equipment, books, food, magazine subscriptions, etc.) - Free door prizes - Monthly auction (plants, fish, equipment etc.)
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Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society
1 member Maryland
Website: "" The Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society (CMAS) was founded in 1993 as a volunteer organization to bring together persons interested in the hobby of maintaining marine fish and invertebrates. Through monthly meetings, newsletters, and the Website, members and their guests share knowledge and experience in all aspects of the hobby and network with fellow hobbyists. In addition, CMAS sponsors local and nationally known experts to speak on various aspects of marine aquarium keeping. The Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society (CMAS) strives to promote the hobby of marine fish and miniature reef keeping in the mid-Atlantic region by assembling as many interested hobbyists and experts in the field together in monthly meetings to discuss topics associated with maintaining a healthy captive marine environment. Monthly meetings with various guests Discount tickets to CMAS special events 10%-15% discounts from participating local and online retailers Workshops on topics such as coral propagation Road trips to exciting destinations Swap livestock and equipment with other members Note: Annual renewals will take place during January of each year. New membership is pro-rated (by quarter) during the year.
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Raleigh Aquarium Society
1 member North Carolina
"" The purpose of the Raleigh Aquarium Society is to increase the enjoyment and general knowledge of the aquarist, both novice and advanced. This shall be accomplished by the exchange of information, speeches, field trips, and observation of fish in their natural habitat. By these actions, we hope to gain a better understanding of the habits of certain fish, and to benefit members of the club as well as any interested hobbyist who may wish to affiliate with us. Membership in the Raleigh Aquarium Society entitles you to many privileges including: - Discounts at all club functions. - Voting rights on all club business issues. - Auction benefits (larger commission split, free priority stickers). - Membership card for discount purchases at all participating club sponsors. - Ability to post items for sale in the club newsletter and various on-line internet forums. - Ability to participate in group orders of fish and supplies from various mail-order companies. - Annual RAS membership dues for individuals or families are $20.00 for the full calendar year. If you join between: January and June - dues are $20 for the current calendar year July and September - dues are $15 for the current calendar year October and December - dues are $10 for the current calendar year
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1 member California
About C.O.A.S.T. Website: "" California's Organization of Aquatic Show Tropicals tropical fish club was formed in 1991 by aquarium hobbyists for the purpose of advancing the understanding of aquatic life, promoting the keeping and preservation of diverse species, and getting together to have fun with people who share in the fascination with things which live in water. COAST, providing Education and Camaraderie to People Who Are Interested in Keeping Tropical, Temperate and Other Aquatic Life California's Organization of Aquatic Show Tropicals (COAST) is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(7) not-for-profit association registered with the state of California.
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Indiana Marine Aquarium Society
1 member Indiana
Website: "" How much money have you spent on your aquarium over the last twelve months? At only $21 per year, a membership to INDMAS is a great way to improve your aquarium, help others, and save money through trading livestock, equipment and DIY ideas. INDMAS membership allows access to premium forums on this website, including the buy/sell forums, educational articles, dry good reviews, and a photo gallery where you can store your own tank pictures. Members are also eligible to participate in the raffle at our monthly meetings and receive free admission to the best annual frag swap in the midwest. Members can run as candidates for the board of directors and have a vote in the club's annual elections.
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