Potomac Valley Aquarium Society
1 member Virginia
Website: "pvas.com" The Potomac Valley Aquarium Society is a not-for-profit educational and social organization. The society was founded in 1960 for the purpose of furthering the aquarium hobby by the dissemination of information and advice, and the promotion of good fellowship among the members by organized activities and competitions. Join us for the presentation, raffles, a door-prize and our (not-so-mini) mini-auction. PVAS meetings are held at the following location in the cafeteria: Green Acres School 4401 Sideburn Road Fairfax, Virginia 22030
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Motor City Aquarium Society
1 member Michigan
Website: "motorcityaquariumsociety.com" Motor City Aquarium is a non-profit organization formed to further the study of all aquatic life, exchange information, and encourage the display and propagation of aquatic life forms. Motor City Aquarium Society monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at Wyndham Garden Hotel, 34911 Van Dyke, Sterling Heights, MI 48312 (586) 979-1400
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North Texas Reef Fanatics
1 member Texas
northtexasreeffanatics.org/ NTRF is an organization of marine aquarium enthusiasts with an emphasis dedicated to the education, knowledge and ethical husbandry of sustaining marine life in a captive environment in the Dallas/Fort Worth and North Texas area. Through education and knowledge we promote responsibility to hobbyists for the well being of marine life through the reproduction of their natural environments. Our commitment to marine life includes the conservation and preservation of marine life by providing hobbyist with online forums and resources, sharing ideas, events, speakers, news publications and other means that connect hobbyist of all levels. We strive to promote and support Eco-friendly propagation and captive breeding techniques to our members and the public. Our goal is to reduce the constant ever changing impact of our coral reefs and oceans while still being able to enjoy marine life in our homes and in captivity.
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Illiana Garden Pond Society
1 member Indiana
Website: "illianagardenpond.org/" The Illiana Garden Pond Society was founded in 1996 and is made up of a very ambitious enthusiastic group of people called “Ponders” who live in northern Illinois and northern Indiana who are interested in the creation and caring for ponds and their accompanying water gardens. The Illiana Garden Pond Society is a not for profit organization dedicated to pond and water garden education and care. Meetings are held the second Saturday of the month, at the St. John Public Library at 10am, except for June, July and August when they are held on Wednesday evenings at member’s homes. Come and enjoy listening to our speakers or find out how to algae-proof your pond. For whatever reason there may be, come find out what “Ponding” is all about.
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Triad NC Tropical Fish Society
1 member North Carolina
tnctfs.simplesite.com/435242361 We are a tropical fish group based out of North Carolina with interests in both freshwater and saltwater enthusiasts! Our "community" is the Piedmont Triad area of the state, our goal is to help build the hobby within the area, to encourage new members in the hobby, help others with questions regarding the hobby as well to educate new members on successful ways to have a home aquarium. As well a place for long time hobbyist to communicate together, share tips in the trade, buy, sell, and trade equipment and livestock that they may personally breed or grow.
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St. Louis Area Saltwater Hobbyists
1 member Missouri
Website: slashclub.org What is SLASH and where are we going? It may be best to start with our mission statement and go from there. The Saint Louis Area Saltwater Hobbyists are a group of enthusiasts who are dedicated to the concept that clubs can be fun, informative and helpful, as well as being a great conduit for meeting new friends. We promote and urge the practices of conservation, proper husbandry technique, ecological responsibility and friendship. Our creed is group participation at every level and every member will be heard. We will make every effort to prove to all members that their opinions are a highly valued and necessary asset that will help to shape the future of our club. continued on website.....
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Eastern Iowa Aquarium Association
1 member Iowa
Website: "finflap.com" The Eastern Iowa Aquarium Association is a non-profit organization to promote the Tropical and Marine Fish keeping hobby with an emphasis on education and fellowship. Since 1983 The Eastern Iowa Aquarium Association has worked to disseminate helpful information throughout the fish keeping community. EIAA is for everyone with an interest in fish keeping. EIAA is for YOU! EIAA has an interesting history with ties to the roots of AGA, Aquatic Gardener's Association. Who knew? The history of EIAA begins in September 1982 at the community center in the Bali Hai Estates trailer park in Hiawatha Iowa. Present were Bruce Mostrom, Dick Van Hyfte, Lee Van Hyfte (about 9 yr. old), Greg Goodnow, Steve Rutan, Phyllis Wetherbee, Irne VandeLune and Dick Green. This was the formation team. Bruce Mostrom is credited with being the founding father of EIAA. By 1984 the organization us up and having regular meetings in a basement community room at People's Bank on First Avenue and 35th street NE in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where they met for year, the second Tuesday of the month at 7 pm. Because of his affiliation with FAAS and a previous background in aquarium club structures from Blackhawk Aquarium Society, Dick Van Hyfte drafted the first EIAA Constitution, Bylaws and BAP (breeder's Award Program). As a response to a lack of information about aquatic plants, Dick also drafted the EIAA's Horticultural Award Program (HAP) which he sent to FAAS as an example program. The American Aquatic Gardeners Association (AAGA) was formed by the committee of Mark Carder, Dennis Sindelar and Dick Van Hyftee, also in an attempt to fill the gap in plant information in the aquarium hobby. Years later the AAGA would morph into the AGA which is recognized internationally today as THE society devoted to the promotion of live plants in the aquarium hobby.
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Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society
1 member Ohio
yatfs.com YATFS is a non-profit hobby organization composed of local aquarists and dealers. It was founded in the spring of 1972 for the express purpose of promoting the science of exotic freshwater and saltwater fish and plants, assisting new hobbyists, encouraging the breeding and displaying of all aquatic life, and acquiring and dispensing aquatic knowledge and literature. All persons with an interest in the aquarium hobby are welcomed and invited to attend two meetings before making any decision on membership. Our meetings are held the 3rd Friday of each month (unless announced otherwise). At the Mineral Ridge Presbyterian Church on Rt 46. Doors open at 7:30pm & we start at 8:00 3654 Main St, Mineral Ridge, OH 44440 Enter through the side door.
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San Francisco Aquarium Society
1 member California
San Francisco Aquarium Society (SFAS) Website: "sfaquariumsociety.org" Established in 1923 by Steinhart Aquarium ichthyologists, San Francisco Aquarium Society (SFAS) is the West Coast's original tropical fish club. Each month we host a lecture on how to breed a particular species, how to grow beautiful aquarium plants, how genetics is used to predict environmental impact, virtual tours of club member aquaria, aquaponics, collecting across the world, or anything else on topic. Our members bring a variety of fish, shrimp, plants, books and aquarium supplies for the after-meeting club auction. You'll typically see superb specimens and varieties unavailable through pet shops, and at bargain prices. We sometimes have a raffle. Meetings are open to the public and free. You're invited!
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