Hamilton & District Aquarium Society
Website: "hdas.ca" Before the Second World War an aquarium society was in existence in Hamilton. The exact time during which it functioned is not known but magazines of the time do suggest that it was flourishing as early as the mid thirties. We assume that the war caused the end of the club. After the war, we believe about 1950, the present Hamilton & District Aquarium Society (H&DAS), was started and has continued ever since without interruption. The society has held its monthly meetings in a variety of locations such as Dom Polski (just off Barton Street), the Ottawa Street “Y”, the old Jewish Community Center at Sanford & Delaware (no longer there), the Firemen’s’ Hall on Concession and our present meeting place, the Church of the Resurrection. The H&DAS was one of the founding members of the Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs (CAOAC), and Hamilton members have served on the CAOAC Executive & Committees regularly since the beginning Our club has been host to five of the annual CAOAC conventions. For the last 30 years or so the Society has held an annual show open to the public. For a number of years this was a week long affair in which many large setups were displayed. In recent years for various reasons the show has been a one day display in conjunction with an auction. We have also taken part in a number of other events over the years including the Mum Show and Aquafest. From time to time the club has arranged other activities for its members. These include things such as Home Shows, trips to public aquaria, live food hunts, summer picnics & pet shop tours.
Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society
Website: "ovas.ca" The Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society (OVAS) is a non-profit, educational, and recreational organization. It is a club for everyone who is interested in the aquatic hobby in the Greater Ottawa Area. OVAS is NOT just this website, it is an active community that tries to meet up at least once a month to talk fish, plant and corals. Here is the place to get in contact with the local hobbyist, here you can learn and share your experiences. OVAS is a member of the Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs. We try to present a program that meets the needs and interests of the members. We have had slide presentations, video presentations and speakers from academic institutions. You can also bring items to sell. In the past, we also trying to arranged tours of aquatic facilities, both here in the National Capital area and in other places as well. OVAS usually meets on the fourth Monday of every month, with the exception of December, June, July and August. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and usually run about two hours. Please check the website for updated meeting information. OVAS meets at the Tom Brown Arena located at 141 Bayview Rd, Ottawa, ON Currently there are three main special events that happen through the year. In lieu of a December meeting, there is a Christmas party. In March or April, as well as our regular meeting, we have the Giant Auction. The Giant Auction provides an opportunity for members and non-members to buy and sell livestock and used equipment. In June we have a summer picnic, depending on interest and good weather. Non-Club Members can attend one free meeting and a $5 donation is required for each subsequent meeting. You do not even need to own an aquarium. All you need is interest in the hobby. Anyone can join OVAS. OVAS offers a stimulating and friendly environment for those who are fascinated by aquariums. It is a great place to get help from others who may be more experienced in the hobby. There are opportunities to sell surplus equipment and fish, and to buy them at great prices. There is a library of fish books available for members to borrow. Members also get a discounts at many local aquarium stores. The best way to join OVAS is to attend one of the meetings. The exchange of knowledge and meeting like-minded people is what the club is all about. However, if you can not wait to join, please visit the Membership Page to purchase your membership online using Paypal. Once you have paid via Paypal your membership card will be mailed to you via Canada Post.
Aalborg Aquarium Association
Aalborg Aquarium Association Website: "aalborg-akvarieforening.dk" We welcome you to the Aalborg Aquarium Association website. Aalborg Aquarium Association is one of the oldest aquarium associations in the country. In addition to this website, Aalborg Aquarium Association is at Forchhammersvej 11. If you want to visit us in our premises, we have the club night every Tuesday at. 19 -?Should the association stay closed on a Tuesday, it will appear from the calendar on this page. Our members range widely within the aquarium, as are the levels different. Some are beginners and other full-fledged specialists, young as elderly. It will also happen occasionally for a discussion or two. It is important to point out that no question is too stupid and only a few are too loud. Tuesdays are used by members to talk, repair aquariums, build new decorations, cut a little glass, tell about experiences, arrange aquariums, yes, almost all items can be turned around, such an evening. For members with key to the meeting rooms there is also the opportunity to meet on other weekdays. In addition, we have different lectures and other events during the year. There are tours in Denmark that relate to our hobby, as well as trips to other countries, usually in small groups. Our lectures are held separately from Tuesday meetings, usually on Thursdays but sometimes also as Saturday events. The events will be found in the calendar on this page. What do you get as a member of Aalborg Aquarium Association - opportunity to meet others with the same interest - Possibility to fit an aquarium in the association's premises - Access to a comprehensive and highly exciting library - Access to unbiased advice from other members (We do not sell fish, but make sure you stay in the hobby :) a whole lot more. If you want to know more, feel free to call one of the members of the board, or even better meet us in our conference room at Forchhammersvej 11, 9000 Aalborg. Sincerely, Os in Aalborg Aquarium Association.
Trondheim Aquarium Club
About Trondheim Aquarium Club Website: "trondheimakvarieklubb.no" Why join us? 1. Socially at club meetings Not only are aquariums and fish talk ... Feel free to chat with friends and family members. Welcome! . 2. Benefit from others' experience and knowledge We've all made some mistakes in the hobby, and gladly share your experiences with you. Good tricks and procedures are worth gold if something surprising should happen. 3. Auction at each club meeting At the auctions, ALL sell or buy! Do you have too much; sell excess fish, equipment etc. Do you need aquarium, plants, fish, snails or anything else, come and buy this for a VERY so cheap money. (TAK takes 20% of the sales price for the job, but no more than 200 kr per item, if you sell larger items like aquariums, shelving, etc., which would like to make a lot of money for the seller). 4. NAB four times a year Members receive Norway's Aquarium leaflet four times a year, with news, tips and ads about what's happening in the aquarium hobby. 5. How much does it cost? Ordinary member: NOK 200, - per year. Junior: Kr 100, - per year. Family membership: NOK 300, - per year. Payable to: Trondheim Aquarium Club Account Number: 0530 27 20837 NB! Note payment with: Name, address, email address and, if applicable, telephone number. This is for you to receive the aquarium magazine and that all communication is via mail. You can also meet up on the next meeting (last Tuesday of each month) and ask one of the board members to sign up. You can always meet up for free at the 1-2 first meetings to see if this is something for you, so sign in when you want to proceed. It is also possible to receive a registration form if you can not wait for the nearest meeting. Send one of the board members an email and we'll fix the rest. Welcome to a social gang who would like to share experiences in aquariums with you! See you!