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I am in the process of moving and building out a new fish room in the basement of my new place, which is going to take a while as I am building some custom tanks and filtration. In the mean time though, I am setting up my 93 gallon cube aquarium in my office area. It is going to be a freshwater planted community tank; however, I am doing a couple of things with the substrate and filtration that are a bit different than the average aquarium setup.
First, I am going with a dirt substrate capped off with fluorite gravel and secondly in addition to both a canister filter and hang-on power filter, I will also be using an overflow and sump. Yeah, this is definitely going a bit overboard on the filtration, but I want to heavily stock the tank and since I keep quite a few aquariums it is important to go a little over kill on the filtration and automation to keep them manageable for myself.
I am going to use the sump exclusively for nutrient export in the form of growing vegetables using aquaponics. Between the live plants in the aquarium and growing vegetables in the sump I am hoping to eliminate excess nitrates and the corresponding nuisance algae. Plus if I can grow some veggies to feed to both my freshwater and saltwater herbivores, then all the better.
The tank is in the early stages of cycling, ie. diatom algae and cloudy water, but it is coming along. Here is a few pics of some of the equipment I am using and the tank as it looks as of 2-12-2017.
AquaClear 110 Hang-on filter for polishing and chemical filtration:
Ribbed water hose:
Hydor Canister filter for main biological filtration:
PF-Nano overflow box for the veggie filter sump:
Return pipe:
Rio 1400 return pump for the sump water back into the aquarium:
Front view of the tank:
Rear view of the tank:
Side view of the tank:
Side view of the tank:
Top view of the tank:
More to come as I progress with the build! :smile:
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Hey Rodney,
Yeah I have had the same thing when growing a bunch of aquarium plants in the sump, definitely helps to keep down nitrates if you grow fast growing plants and prune a lot. From the research I have done though, food plants like greens, tomatoes, etc. grow more quickly and use a lot more nitrate to fuel their growth.
I will definitely keep the thread updated with my progress, we can all find out if it works together :laughing:
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Weekends always go bye too fast! I didn't get a chance to get any plants going in the aquaponics sump filter, but I did stop bye the local fish store and pickup some new tank additions. Being a relatively new tank setup, I am of course getting that initial algae bloom so I figured it was a good time to pickup a cleaning crew.
Since this tank is going to be a heavily planted community tank I decided to get all tank cleaners that will do well with plants and peaceful fish species. My initial cleaning crew now consists of: 8 x Otocinclus Catfish, 2 x Sterba's Cory Cats, 2 x Yellow Prince Tiger Plecos and 3 x Singapore Flower Shrimp.
Couple pics of the new crew:
Otocinclus Catfish
Sterba's Cory Cats
Singapore Flower Shrimp
Yellow Prince Tiger Pleco
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I have finally gotten the aquaponics sump up and running! Although I have done a lot of reading on aquaponics, this is my first attempt at growing anything other than aquatic plants in my aquarium setup. I am starting off with some herbs for this setup since it is on the smaller size, I will monitor the plant growth and nitrate levels in the aquarium water and see if I can get a good balance.
All for now, but more updates to come!
Cao Nguyen
The lighting color looks strange, is this a night light? Did these plants grow from seeds?
AD Admin
Hey Cao, I am using a LED plant grow bulb that only uses light spectrum that the plants can use for photosynthesis. Saves on electricity and reduces heat, while still giving the plants everything they need. Hopefully I will get some good growth and I will use a full spectrum bulb when I take a photo to make it easier to see the progress.
Cao Nguyen
OK, I think plant light like you have is good for growing under tank, I have plants above my tank that use sunlight but have water from my tank pumped to them. :smile:
AD Admin
Not too much to report on the 93 Gallon, been focusing mostly on building out the 600 gallon plywood tank and the fishroom. However, the 93 gallon is maturing nicely with the initial algae bloom being mostly gone, the tank parameters are good and very stable and I added some sword plants to beef up the greenscape some.
I am planning to add some more fish in the next week or two and I am growing out some seedlings for the aquaponics sump, more on that on the next update.
Some pics!
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Sorry for the delay in updating the thread, been a busy past month with work and domestic duties :-). 93 gallon tank is coming along nicely, tank is maturing, all the fish are healthy, plants are growing in and the aquaponics sump seems to be working out well. I forgot to take pics of the aquaponic sump, but it is growing plants really well (currently spices and green leaf lettuce) and keeping the nitrates between 10-20ppm.
Originally I was planning to keep Discus as the show piece fish in this tank, but based on the tanks basement location and the plants I want to grow in the aquaponic sump, it is really not practical to keep the water at the proper temperature for the discus while still trying to grow food plants and not use too much electricity heating the tank (basement is a little cool).
So the plan now is to have Angels, Severum & Rams to be the larger show piece fish for the tank, with of course plenty of smaller community species to round out the tank.
Here are some pics of the new additions:
Angelfish (2 Halfblack, 1 Yellow/Red, 1 Koi)
Denison Barbs (4 of them)
Pair of German Blue Rams
More pics to come soon of the Severum, Rams and Acara that are also in the tank.
Cao Nguyen
New fish look good. I want to see your severum fish and how your plants growing
AD Admin
Thanks Cao! I will have updated photos tonight. Plus I got some new lighting to help me take better photos....hopefully :-)
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Hey Cao, gonna get those updated photos tonight....had some unexpected things come up last few days.
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The 93 gallon cube is maturing nicely and is now about 3 months old give or take. Plants are growing in, nitrates are staying stable at around 20ppm, aquaponics sump is growing various spices like weeds and fish are all fat and happy eating flake, blood worms and krill.
The mint and other spices are growing too fast in the sump and I am producing way more than we have a need for, so I am currently growing out lettuce seedlings and will be switching over to growing lettuce in the next few weeks.
All for now on the update, but here is some current pics taken last night.
Aquaponics sump after trimming, first pic under grow light and the second with regular room lighting:
Plants growing in nicely:
Some fish pics:
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Here is some pics of the current progress of the tank and few shots of a couple of the fish:
German Blue Ram
Botia kubotai Loach (Botia kubotai)
Front of tank
Another front view
Left side view
Right side view
Another pic of right side of the tank
Right side top down view
Cao Nguyen
It is looking good! You have many angelfish now!
AD Admin
It is looking good! You have many angelfish now!
Thanks! Been slowly working on filling out the fish I plan to keep. Still looking for a couple of more Angelfish and a few random other fish.