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Last year I setup a 40 breeder as a grow out tank for some new Cichlids that purchased. I raised the fish up in the 40 breeder for about 8 months and then transferred them over to the my 180 gallon.
Since then the 40 breeder has been without fish and just kinda growing algae and a couple of Amazon swords.
It wasn't long after I moved the fish out that the cheapo Sun Sun canister filter began to leak at the top seal and the glass cover over the UV light. I took down the broken canister filter and added a small aqua clear filter just to keep the tank running.
Long story short I am going to revamp the tank, clean it all up add some good filtration and see what I can turn it into...and of course document the journey in this thread.
Here are some pics I took of the current state of the tank ( the discolored water and dust everywhere is from the fluorite substrate that was never properly washed)
Broken Sun Sun canister
Fluorite dusted messy tank after scraping blue-green algae from the glass
Big Amazon sword covered in fluorite dust
Lovely slime algae on glass
Little aqua clear filter will be retired for a much more robust filter
Much more to come...stay tuned!