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Thread: Malawi Cichlids
Malawi Cichlids are fun fish, I have kept them many times and will again in the future.
In regards to sexing them, most malawi Cichlids are dimorphic (male/female have different colors) so pretty much just find the fish here on Aquarium Domain or google it and see which color is male and which is female. Mbuna will show their colors when very young, but some species of haps and peacocks won't show their adult colors until later on in life...upwards of 2 years old sometimes.
For species where the males and females have the same color it is best to look for egg spots on the lower caudual fins, as some species only the male will have them and then other species only the femail will have them.
There are some other species that none of these methods will work to sex them, so it is best to read an Internet profile on them for sexing advice specific to that species.
What species are you keeping?