I am a long time pond guy and I finally got a aquarium! Bought a 7 foot 265 gallon aquarium setup from a guy moving out of town. Tank came with a 4 foot sump and CO2 system and some plant lights.
I set this beast up during thanksgiving long weekend and it is finally started to really grow well. Here it is so far....
AD Admin
Damn Daryl, you went big for your first tank, I love it! :smile::smile:
That looks like it is going to grow in nice, going to be especially impressive looking with those stem plants and that tall tank!
Daryl Dawkins
@admin Yeah I didn't mess around with this tank, thing is super heavy....but awesome!
@Jay I have the co2 cranked up so the stem plants are growing really fast.
more pics...
Daryl Dawkins
and more pics....