Does anyone have any photography tips?
Assuming you are talking fish photography in which case the following works for me:
- don't use flash
- do whatever you can to prevent glare...from windows, lights etc.
- shoot straight at the glass not at an angle to the glass
- get a camera with a fast shutter or burst, something like 10 frames per second or better
- of course have clean glass/acrylic
- use sport/wild life type settings, anything to deal with the fast motion of the fish
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Hey Stu,
All good suggestions from Jay, here is a good read if you are using a stand alone digital camera.
If you are using an Android or iPhone check their respective app stores for camera apps that provide more features than the stock camera app. Especially ones that have features that help with behind glass, fast movements, higher iso settings and any setting that help with lighting.
Hope this helps!
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I need to have a bit more of a practice. I seem to always have pictures with bits floating but water is actually clear. Probaby not good idea to take pictures after feeding etc..