My wife is looking for a house plant that she can grow using her fish tank for nutrients. So the plant would be grown out of the water but the roots of the plants would be in the water. Here tank is a 65 gallon tall with tropical community fish.
Can anyone give me an easy to grow plant that would work for this use?
Thanks... Gary
AD Admin
Most species of bog plants will work as their roots won't rot if kept submerged, so would depend mostly on lighting, growth rate, appearance etc.
The plant I see used the most and have used myself is the Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum). People choose this one because it is extremely easy to care for, doesn't need much light, flexible on temperature (not freezing) and sucks up nitrates big time. Grows fast when food source is available, but super easy to trim and propagate if desired.
Here is a couple pics of the plant I am talking about:
In college I had two 20 gallon high tanks in my dorm room near a window with only one of them having this plant growing out of it and onto a wood latice and that tank had way less algae than the other tank. I actually ended up connecting the two tanks with pvc pipe so that the plants could suck nutrients out of both.
This worked well for me since I had Central American Cichlids that would chew up plants and semi-crappy dorm room water.
Gary Wayne
Thanks for the suggestion, my wife thinks they have this plant growing in her office. She is going to snip off a clipping and we are going to see if it will grow.