I need help, my 40 breeder planted mixed community tank is covered in green slime algae. Nitrates are very low <20 and I do weekly 25% water changes, but still can't get rid of the stuff.....please help
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Hey Jay,
Can you give me a few details on your tank as it sits currently....lights, filtration, water movement and current fish stock. Also what plants do you have?
General rule of thumb on green slime algae is that it likes same food sources and lighting as plants, but doesn't like high water flow.
Good ways to beat it are to first clean off the green slime algae that you can, do partial water change, increase water flow so that whole tank has soft but present water flow, utilize flourish excel to break down green slime bacteria, keep dosing plant ferts (if tank is planted) and run lights 8 to 10 hours per day.
Doing these things will help your plants take over (if you have plants) and the flourish excel will breakdown the green slime bacteria. Best to do plenty of partial water changes as the green slime bacteria breaks down and dose double excel after large water changes.
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Thanks for the reply, I definitely don't have good water flow so I have added a powerhead that I had laying around. Also picked up some Flourish Excel and started the first treatment yesterday after giving the tank a thorough cleaning and water change. I will give it a week and update on the progress.
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Hey Jay, been close to a week how is the tank looking? any improvements?
Thanks for remembering my post! Tank is doing great since I started dosing the Excel! I have been dosing a big dose after water change and then a small dose every other day and so far the blue/green bacteria is melting away big time. My plants are also really perking up, I couldn't be happier with the direction the tank is going now.
I am going to give it a bit more time then will post an updated photo of the tank.
thanks for the awesome advice!