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Hey Liz, Welcome to!
It looks like your friend has given you a juvenile male Nimbochromis livingstonii, or Livingston's Cichlid, also sometimes called a Sleeper Cichlid since they will lay on the substrate faking death to try and lure small fish near them to eat them.
They originate from Lake Malawi and males usually get about 10 inches in length. They are a little bit aggressive and feed on small fish, so you will need tank mates that won't fit in his mouth. Also you will need a decent sized tank for an adult, I would think and 6 foot tank will do (125, 150, 180, etc.).
They can change their colors quite a bit with adult males showing very brilliant blue and green colorations and orangish anal and dorsal fin markings. I will add this fish to our Species profile to do list to give you another source of information and photos of this fish.
-AD Admin