Joe Piegols
Any recommendations on the proper care of True Siamese Algae Eaters (SAEs)? I picked up one yesterday to combat a green hair algae start that I have noticed in my planted tank. No water quality issues and I have some driftwood and rocks. I still am looking to get a pair of angel fish, but don't know too much about how these little guys will react (especially if I need more than one). Thanks!
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Cao Nguyen
In Vietnam we have this fish living in many streams all around. I has them keeping in many of my aquariums to eat algeas. They are very calm fish and not like their cousin fish form more north in china. I think they are easy to keep with any peaceful fish, I have mine with Discus, Geophagus, Anglefish.
Those guys are pretty rare in the north american aquarium trade from my experience. You usually see tons of Chinese Algae Eaters and sometimes Flying Fox Algae Eaters and very rarely true SAE's. So needless to say I haven't ever kept them, but I have kept Flying Foxes and they were very hardy just like Chinese Algae eaters, but less aggressive.
I would think if you don't have any aggressive fish picking on them and you have good water flow and quality that they should be pretty good to go.
Also officially jealous of Cao being able to collect these and other awesome tropical fish from his local area. North American fish are all so bland in color ;-(
I doubt you would have any problems with Angelfish and any type of algae eaters messing with one another. Generally fish that have very different feeding habits ie. not competing with one another will leave each other alone.