Buddy of mine had 40 breeder that was made into a sump that he was giving away, so I decided to make it a rimless tank and setup a planted community tank in my home office. The sump design was kinda strange and had 2 pieces of glass going from side to side and then a third piece of glass in from the front to the middle side to side baffle.
Long story short I removed all of the sump glass pieces, removed the top plastic bracing and scraped and cleaned off all of the silicon. Lastly I painted the back wall of the tank with black Plasti-dip.
Added a center brace by siliconing in a 6 inch wide piece of glass to keep the tank from bowing, but still maintaining the cleaner and in my opinion better look of a rimless tank. I left the bottom rim on as it makes it easier to place the tank and in my opinion doesn't look bad as it pretty much blends in with the stand.
I placed a layer of fluorite and then a layer of sand for the substrate. Basically I like the look of sand but will have some rooted plants so I want the fluorite for them. Then added in some rock, gravel and spider wood and roughly placed everything how I want it.
As I was filling the tank I realized what a dummy I am as the wood all floated up and I realized the time I spent placing the wood was a waste, LOL. Always kicking my self for not pre-soaking the wood in a bucket as I had the wood for some time and could have easily had it ready to go...if I had thought to soak it. Anyways, placed some rocks on the wood to get it water logged and have the canister filter, light and heater all setup and running. Basically I am now waiting for the wood to stay submerged and then I will start getting the tank planted. Will update again when I have more progress.
Took some more photos with my normal camera, the other pics were with my Gopro and have that fisheye look to them. Love the Gopro for video, but my DSLR takes better pics in my opinion.
Feeding time and full tank shots
Red Shoulder Severum
Red Spotted Turquoise Severum
Electric Blue Acara
Tank is coming along, I like your choice in fish, that Spotted Turquoise Severum is sweet. I would definitely add some plants to soften the scape and add some more complexity to the look.
Looking good though!
AD Admin
Second set of pics are much better (no fisheye), loving the fish choices so far. Also agree with Bryan that some plants are gonna make the tank pop!
Thanks! Plants and some more fish are coming in the near future! Tank has a was to go yet :-)
Hey guys, some of the plants are in the tank and I added a group of Von Rio Tetras. Actually the first time I have ever kept Von Rio Tetras so I am really enjoying learning about them. The plants are just some Java Fern and Java Moss attached to the wood and some Blyxia Japonica for the foreground area where the sand meets the rock and wood.
Last update on September 23, 11:59 am by Jay.
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Plants definitely add a lot to the tank! I really like the Japonica placement. Also realized that I have a half finished Flame Tetra / Von Rio Tetra profile that I need to finish :-)
Cao Nguyen
Plants are nice for this tank, more on the wood is looking good
Added a second 24/7 Finnex plant light, a school of Black Tetra and a school of Leopard Corys....and now the pics!
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Coming along nicely! I like the mix of fish with the larger Cichlids and the schools of Tetras, looking good.
Few new fish additions to the 40 breeder! Tank has a decent amount of algae growth and no algae eaters so I decided to add 2 Reticulated Hillstream Loaches. This is the first time I have kept these guys and I have to say so far I love them, very active, attractive and excellent algae eaters.
Added a group of 5 Leopard Corys and a Geophagus Balzini to keep the substrate clean and because they look awesome :-)
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Man that Electric Blue Acara is one of the best I have seen. I absolutely love the hillstream loaches, they remind me of miniature rays, yes I have a big imagination :p
Do you know if the Balzini Geo is male or female? The females have a body shape like a true parrot fish, the males get the big nuchal hump which changes their look considerably.
Tanks looking great....give us an update after those loaches have the tank all cleaned up.
Good fish choices, tank is coming together!
Heys guys! Thought I would update this thread with what the tank looks like now. Everybody is healthy and happy, plants are growing, but the only downside is that I am forever battling blue/green slime algae.
Here are some pics:
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Cyano / green slime algae is a real pain. Pretty much all you can do is remove the plants, clean them off with water/hydrogen peroxide mix. Put plants back in tank and be really diligent on water changes, filter cleaning and feeding.
I love how you have stocked with both larger peaceful fish and smaller schooling fish, but the bigger fish in a 40 gallon puts pressure on keeping up with water changes to keep nutrients down.
Thanks for the update....Love the tank!!!