Need help! This spring is the second year for my pond as I set it up last spring. I have 6 small koi in the pond and a few goldfish, also one big lily plant. Everything was great last year with clear water and fish doing good. Fish and lily plant are doing great, but the water has turned green. I have a good filter with different filter and bio media.
What are my options for getting rid of the green water? Why did the green water start?
Hopefully someone watches this forum and knows more about ponds than me.
Thanks for any help, Daryl
Here is my pond and some closer photos of the green water.
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First off, welcome to AquariumDomain Daryl!
I am glad you posted, being the first poster in a sub forum probably doesn't inspire confidence in getting a reply :-) We do monitor all the forums and are happy to help any posters with aquarium or pond issues.
It is great that you posted some pics of your pond as it makes it a lot easier to troubleshoot the issue. Since you said that you have a proper filtration systems running, I would say that your green water is due to an abundance of organic material breaking down in the water, which when combined with sun light is going to give you the explosion in free floating short causing green water.
So right off the bat it looks like you have no issues with run-off water introduced to the pond, so my first guess is that you probably have a winters worth of leaves and twigs and such in the bottom of the pond that when spring came began to rapidly breakdown in the warm water and abundant sun.
If you have a pond water test kit, you can test your nitrate and phosphates and you should see significantly elevated levels.
As far as how to fix this situation, the easiest way is to introduce a UV sterilizer unit to zap the free floating algae and keep it from continuing to reproduce. Then once the water is clear, get in the pond and clean out all the organic material built up in the bottom of the pond.
Alternatively, a cheaper but much slower solution would be to lower the water, clean out the bottom of the pond and then add back clean water. Also best to add some form of nutrient export like floating pond plants or a separate "vegetable filter" where bog plants can be kept and supplied with nutrients from the main pond.
Sorry for the wordy response, just want to make sure that we are able to help you out.
Please keep us updated on your pond and lets get this thing clear and beautiful again! I want to see those Koi you have in there :-)
Daryl Dawkins
Thanks for the reply so quickly. For sure not too long man, thank you for thinking it through and giving me good advice. My local fish store guy gave me similar advice but I wanted to make sure he wasn't just trying to sell me stuff if I didn't need it.
You were dead on about the leaves. I have a bunch of trees just out of the photo on the left and they shed a lot of leaves into the pond last fall. I was going to clean them out but was waiting for the water to warm up before I got in there. Then bam, green water and couldn't see anything.
My pond is about 1000 gallons, what size UV do I need and do you recommend any brands?
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Happy to be able to help. My pond is 1100 gallons and I am currently using a 55 watt UV unit made by Jebao that I bought off of Amazon. I think it was about $85 dollars, which was similar in price to a 9 watt Total Pond & Tetra Pond models.
Had the Jebao for a while and it is working great. I have used both the Total Pond and Tetra Pond units in the past and they work well too, but for the price I like the added power of the Jebao. Be sure to match up the UV unit in/out water adapters with whatever size your pump tubing is. I have 1 1/2" tubing which was the max size on the 55 watt Jebao unit, smaller 9 watt units usually only go up to 1 1/4".
Daryl Dawkins
I bought the Jeabo 55 watt and installed it on Monday and by Wednesday evening the water was clear. I can't believe how good this thing works! These aren't even good pics as the sun was going down, but you can see how much clearer the water is and it is even clearer this morning when I looked out there. Also two of my fish have gotten huge since I last saw them over the winter.
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Looks awesome! Exact same UV unit I have, been working great for me as well. Now we need some more closeup pics of your Koi.
Looking good!
What a difference a couple of days with a UV sterilizer makes lol. Pond looks nice man!
Daryl Dawkins
Thanks for the replies
Here is some photos of my pond from today. Water is so clear I don't think the fish are used to it yet they are hiding under the bridge.
I am still working on the pond filter and some more plants in the pond, but this is what it looks like so far.
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Looking really good! I like that you have the river stones on the bottom of the pond, looks good and gives a lot of surface area for bacteria.