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Do you mind if I ask how much did he cost?
Think I paid $150 about 2 years ago. When I saw him, I had to have him!! I've not seen another with his coloring Yellow & brown. All the other ones I've seen are white & black. The guy who sold it to me has been trying for more, but no luck. He said he only had 2, I got the last one.
I figured he would be pretty expensive, he looks expensive anyways lol. Usually the case with the really amazing looking species that they come at a price. I am gonna check with my lfs and see what kind of price they can give me, if they can even order this. I haven't ever seen one of these guys in ...View More
Thats the most I have spent on one fish. Yes, he is still my favorite! Told the wife he was $40 LOL! If she only knew half of what I spend on this hobby, she would loose her mind!
Hehe, I hear ya...I do the same thing :-) I think she might know though...she doesn't eve bother asking anymore lol