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Driftwood for the 125 is here! Looks like it is going to have to soak for a bit, it was very dry and very buoyant. Gives me some time to work on the aquascape design.
AD Admin
Nice wood....err driftwood :-)
Cao Nguyen
I have this wood root in some tanks and is very good to keep this with mosses or anubias plants.
I am thinking to attach some anubias plants to the wood. I am keeping Oscars and other Cichlids in here so they really limit the plants I can keep
AD Admin
Just a thought Bryan....I would suggest that you pack the wood tight into a painters 5 gallon plastic bucket, fill it with water and then put a large rock or something heavy on top to get the wood to absorb water and get water logged faster. I think floating them like in the photos will take much lo...View More
That is a good suggestion, but I couldn't wait so I zip tied the wood to rocks to hold it down. Doesn't look too bad...I will put some photos up pretty soon.