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Green Bay Aquarium Society
1 member Wisconsin
gbasonline.org Founded in 1986, the Green Bay Aquarium Society (GBAS) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to further the study of all forms of aquatic life, to promote interest, exchange ideas, distribute information concerning the aquarium hobby, and to promote the breeding and display of aquatic life. Membership is open to anyone who shares these interests. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at the home of a club member. Currently, most members reside in Green Bay, the Fox Cities, or surrounding areas of Wisconsin. Our meetings are open to the general public.
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Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society
1 member Ontario
Website: "ovas.ca" The Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society (OVAS) is a non-profit, educational, and recreational organization. It is a club for everyone who is interested in the aquatic hobby in the Greater Ottawa Area. OVAS is NOT just this website, it is an active community that tries to meet up at least once a month to talk fish, plant and corals. Here is the place to get in contact with the local hobbyist, here you can learn and share your experiences. OVAS is a member of the Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs. We try to present a program that meets the needs and interests of the members. We have had slide presentations, video presentations and speakers from academic institutions. You can also bring items to sell. In the past, we also trying to arranged tours of aquatic facilities, both here in the National Capital area and in other places as well. OVAS usually meets on the fourth Monday of every month, with the exception of December, June, July and August. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and usually run about two hours. Please check the website for updated meeting information. OVAS meets at the Tom Brown Arena located at 141 Bayview Rd, Ottawa, ON Currently there are three main special events that happen through the year. In lieu of a December meeting, there is a Christmas party. In March or April, as well as our regular meeting, we have the Giant Auction. The Giant Auction provides an opportunity for members and non-members to buy and sell livestock and used equipment. In June we have a summer picnic, depending on interest and good weather. Non-Club Members can attend one free meeting and a $5 donation is required for each subsequent meeting. You do not even need to own an aquarium. All you need is interest in the hobby. Anyone can join OVAS. OVAS offers a stimulating and friendly environment for those who are fascinated by aquariums. It is a great place to get help from others who may be more experienced in the hobby. There are opportunities to sell surplus equipment and fish, and to buy them at great prices. There is a library of fish books available for members to borrow. Members also get a discounts at many local aquarium stores. The best way to join OVAS is to attend one of the meetings. The exchange of knowledge and meeting like-minded people is what the club is all about. However, if you can not wait to join, please visit the Membership Page to purchase your membership online using Paypal. Once you have paid via Paypal your membership card will be mailed to you via Canada Post.
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Eastern Iowa Pond Society
1 member Iowa
Website: "eips.org" We are committed to providing a social atmosphere for members dedicated to sharing and learning the pleasures of water gardening. We are a non-profit organization. Membership in this association shall be open to any individual without regard to race, creed, national origin or gender, who shall agree to so associate and who shall tender membership dues as specified in governing document. The Eastern Iowa Pond Society, Inc. was established by Sharon Weiss in 1996 to encourage and promote water gardening and ponds. Mike Tompkins was the first president. Meetings are held at different members homes the fourth Saturday of the month from February through November at times to be decided by host/hostess. No meetings in December and January. Members volunteer to be a pond host at the February meeting. A plan-the-year meeting is held in February on a Saturday afternoon at a central location to hammer out strategies on what happens during the ponding year. Pond Tour date is decided, chairman is elected for that event, discussions are held to determine how the Pond Tour profits are spent, speakers are discussed, members have the opportunity to sign up to be pond hosts, etc. Yearly Pond Tour event involves selected members opening their ponds to the public. Speakers, demonstrations, field trips, plant and fish swaps, potlucks, club projects are all activities that happen during the ponding year. Election of officers will be held in November. A President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected to take office in February. Dues will be $10.00 per family payable February 1st and delinquent April 1st of each year. These dues entitle a member to participation in all activities and receive a monthly newsletter.
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Montreal Aquarium Society
1 member Quebec
The Montreal Aquarium SocieT wishes to welcome all new members! Website: "themontrealaquariumsociety.com" You have come to this site because you, just like our members, are involved with tropical fish. Let me tell you a little about us. A few people got together in 1933 to share their knowledge of keeping fish in the home aquarium. This small group met in each others homes and eventually had to expand to larger locales. Henceforth, monthly meetings were held which are still perpetuated today. We are a non-profit organization and the goals are to promote the mutual interest of its members in acquiring, breeding and raising aquarium fish and plant life. Our monthly meetings consist of different activities which are outlined when browsing this site. I invite you to come to one of our meetings to check us out and learn about our club. Jim Cartier, President Email Us: mas092011@yahoo.ca Call Us: 514-648-4936 Established since 1933 Get in touch with us! Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are always happy to help you. We take great pride in our club and strive to help each other increase our knowledge of the hobby and to share the enjoyment that keeping tropical fish brings.
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Greater Chicago Cichlid Association
1 member Illinois
Website: "gcca.net" In 1974, Ken Schultz, Jan Alm, Carlo Leon and Carl Lundquist met to form the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association (GCCA). After much discussion, a name for the organization was agreed upon, and Carlo was designated President, Jan, Vice-President and Ken, Treasurer. Postcards and posters were printed announcing the formation of a Chicago area Cichlid group, and over 500 responses were received from interested hobbyists. As most respondents were from the north side and northwest suburban area, it was decided to hold the meetings in that area. Jerry Lindquist, another hobbyist, had parents who were managing the International Motor Inn on North Mannheim Road. The club was able to use the Inn for meetings. In January 1975, the first meeting of the GCCA was held, with a large turn out of prospective members. The soon-to-be leading Cichlid group in the Great Lakes area was launched. In 1989, club member Ed Higgins (representing the Montgomery Ward Foundation) presented a $150,000 grant to help fund the Shedd Aquarium's new Oceanarium expansion. The Greater Chicago Cichlid Association has met at six different locations since the club’s conception. Master breeder Milo Manden served as GCCA president for 12 years, from 1987-1998. This is the perfect example of someone who is truly dedicated to the hobby. The GCCA is a member of the Federation of American Aquarium Societies. Former club president Bob Matthews and his wife, club photographer extraordinaire Laura Matthews, have collected wild fish in Brazil. Many other members have collected fish around the world. In 2006, GCCA hosted the American Cichlid Association convention. Over 600 cichlid keepers from around the world joined us
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New Jersey Aquatic Gardeners Club
1 member New Jersey
njagc.net The New Jersey Aquatic Gardener’s Club is a group of New Jersey aquarists whose interest in the aquarium hobby has been refined to include the growth of aquatic plants. The focus of the group is on the growth, propagation and use of aquatic plants to create a natural and beautiful landscape in the aquarium. NJAGC will promote the aquatic plant hobby by providing a group of like minded hobbyists whose practical experiences in the hobby will serve as a means of assistance and support for people who are new to the hobby and the growth of aquatic plants. NJAGC will also act as a place to exchange ideas and techniques for the more experienced hobbyists, as well as providing a means for the exchange of aquarium plants, both common and rare, between members of all levels within the club. We encourage anyone who has an interest in the hobby to please get involved! Don’t be shy! We were all new at one time or another, and this is a particularly welcoming group.
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Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society of Utah
1 member Utah
Website: "www.gslas.com" The Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society of Utah is a non-profit club dedicated to fresh water fish. This club is for the study and enjoyment of these fish in Utah. Our activities include guest speakers about fishkeeping, fish auctions and socials. We have speakers on as many different fishes as possible. These speakers give presentations on collecting fish in the wild, keeping fish in the aquarium, and breeding freshwater aquarium fish. The club brings in speakers that are well known; and experts in their topic. The club is run by its members with three elected officials: President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Visitors are always welcome at our meetings. If you like fish you will enjoy attending our meetings in Utah. Club members can also offer advice based on years of fish keeping experience.
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Potomac Valley Aquarium Society
1 member Virginia
Website: "pvas.com" The Potomac Valley Aquarium Society is a not-for-profit educational and social organization. The society was founded in 1960 for the purpose of furthering the aquarium hobby by the dissemination of information and advice, and the promotion of good fellowship among the members by organized activities and competitions. Join us for the presentation, raffles, a door-prize and our (not-so-mini) mini-auction. PVAS meetings are held at the following location in the cafeteria: Green Acres School 4401 Sideburn Road Fairfax, Virginia 22030
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Motor City Aquarium Society
1 member Michigan
Website: "motorcityaquariumsociety.com" Motor City Aquarium is a non-profit organization formed to further the study of all aquatic life, exchange information, and encourage the display and propagation of aquatic life forms. Motor City Aquarium Society monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at Wyndham Garden Hotel, 34911 Van Dyke, Sterling Heights, MI 48312 (586) 979-1400
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Southern California Aquatic Plants
1 member California
Southern California Aquatic Plants SCAPE Enthusiasts website. Website: "scapeclub.org" SCAPE is a local, non profit group formed of the most dedicated Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts in Southern California who, together, form a movement to promote awareness and knowledge of the science, art, and beauty of planted tanks among both hobbyists and retailers. To Join SCAPE, you need only to register an account on this site, it is FREE. There are many benefits to becoming a member, you can go to meetings and participate in Auctions and Raffles to get cheap healthy plants and fish/shrimp and inverts and win some top prizes such as complete Co2 Set ups and RO units. Members of SCAPE receive discounts at many retail establishments, both brick-and-mortar and online. There is a wealth of information from experienced hobbyists to help out those new to the hobby and for those with the experience and answers, you can make a difference here helping out those just starting out. There are many reasons to join SCAPE and there will be no regrets in doing so.
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Illiana Garden Pond Society
1 member Indiana
Website: "illianagardenpond.org/" The Illiana Garden Pond Society was founded in 1996 and is made up of a very ambitious enthusiastic group of people called “Ponders” who live in northern Illinois and northern Indiana who are interested in the creation and caring for ponds and their accompanying water gardens. The Illiana Garden Pond Society is a not for profit organization dedicated to pond and water garden education and care. Meetings are held the second Saturday of the month, at the St. John Public Library at 10am, except for June, July and August when they are held on Wednesday evenings at member’s homes. Come and enjoy listening to our speakers or find out how to algae-proof your pond. For whatever reason there may be, come find out what “Ponding” is all about.
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Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts
1 member Ohio
columbusfishclub.org CAFE is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of the aquarium hobby. CAFE hosts a number of events and meetings throughout the year sure to interest novice and veteran aquarists alike. If you have more questions, need advice, or just want to chat with fellow hobbyists, CAFE is the place to be! More information on who we are and what we do is available here on the site, and of course, don't forget to visit our Forum.
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Malmö Aquarium Association
About MAF! Website: "www.malmoakvarieforening.se/" Malmö Aquarium Association is the meeting place for all aquariums in the region. We hold meetings with interesting aquarium lectures every month. We also organize many other activities such as day trips to aquarium shops in southern Sweden and Denmark, longer trips to aquaristic attractions on the continent. Every year, we arrange auctions and exciting aquariums competitions. We are having fun while we develop our hobby.
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St. Louis Area Saltwater Hobbyists
1 member Missouri
Website: slashclub.org What is SLASH and where are we going? It may be best to start with our mission statement and go from there. The Saint Louis Area Saltwater Hobbyists are a group of enthusiasts who are dedicated to the concept that clubs can be fun, informative and helpful, as well as being a great conduit for meeting new friends. We promote and urge the practices of conservation, proper husbandry technique, ecological responsibility and friendship. Our creed is group participation at every level and every member will be heard. We will make every effort to prove to all members that their opinions are a highly valued and necessary asset that will help to shape the future of our club. continued on website.....
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