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Ozelot Sword
(Echinodorus ozelot)

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Quick Facts :: Ozelot Sword
Care Level: Easy
Lighting: Medium to High
Placement: Midground
Maximum Size: 20"
Water Conditions: 72-84 F, pH 5.0-7.5, KH 3-8
Propagation: Adventitious Shoots, Rhizome, Seeds
Coloration: Green, Red, Tan
Supplements: Supplements:
Origin: South America
Family: Alismataceae
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 Ozelot Sword Aquarium Care, Lighting Requirements and Growth Information

Echinodorus 'Ozelot', also known as the Ozelot Sword is an attractive hybrid between Echinodorus schluteri 'Leopard' and Echinodorus barthii. The Ozelot Sword has red-brown leaves with black spots and as the leaves age, they will gradually transform to a shiny-green, but will retain their dark spots. The spots are darkest on the youngest leaves and the older leaves tend to have dark red spots; unlike other spotted Echinodorus, Ozelot Swords will retain their spots even at a low light intensity. The Ozelot Sword will grow to reach 20+ inches tall and with their beautiful color variations (Red Flame, Red and Green), are often used as a large, beautiful centerpiece in many aquariums.

The Ozelot Sword requires a nutrient-rich substrate and iron-rich fertilizer, as well as moderate to high lighting of 2 to 4 watts per gallon from full spectrum (5000-7000K) bulbs. The Ozelot Sword will benefit from CO2 injection and as with other Echinodorus species, the Ozelot Sword is usually left alone by herbivorous and large fish.

The Ozelot Sword propagates from adventitious plants or via side-shoots from the rhizome. Once the new plant establishes a root system and a few leaves, cut it at the root with very sharp, sterilized scissors and gently press the "baby" into the substrate.

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